Steven Seidel



You Were Born for Greatness

What would you do if failure wasn’t an option?

It’s time to reclaim your life… to have more adventure, more passion… and more fun


The reason I do
what I do

The one thing I want is for YOU to be living your happiest, healthiest life, you know… the one you’ve always wanted!

Somewhere along the way to that life you may have taken a couple detours, dead-ends and ran into some roadblocks.

I guarantee you, those were all learning experiences. And now it’s time to … shine, design and refine what it is you truly want and make it happen!



Is the right thing to do if…

You are ready to identify your purpose, and what it is you REALLY want to do with your life.

What will bring you joy and make you feel fulfilled.

You are ready to overcome lack of confidence, low self-esteem and all those other stories you tell yourself that are keeping your greatness hidden!

You are ready to change old habits and patterns that have an overall negative impact on your health.

You are ready to become more active, eat healthier and learn healthy daily practices that will benefit your physical, mental and emotional health!


About Me

I grew up as a very chubby gay boy with buckteeth in Kansas, America’s heartland and the home of Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz.

I eventually found my way to Colorado State University and studied exercise physiology. 


Hire Me For


1 ON 1
Life Coaching

We could all use some help getting clarity around what it is we want…



I’ve led workshops around healthy living for several years. I love ..




work with me

If you’re ready to take your next step, apply below to work with me by sharing what it is you’re looking to create in our partnership.

What are the areas of your life you’d like to focus on and how could our relationship support that… together we can design the life of your dreams!

If you are reading this right now, I believe we have come together for a reason! You have a desire to achieve more in this life.



"Steve did a fantastic job of holding me accountable; Not accountable to him but, accountable to the same standards that I used when dealing with others… Kindness, compassion, forgiveness. I was able to stop “beating myself up” and began to enjoy the important things in life — to MY life — and began to let go of the need to “have it all together”. Funny thing is, I now have MOST of it all together, I’m making great progress where I was “stuck” before. Given that, I could not more highly recommend Steve not only as a coach, but as a friend"
"My confidence and self-esteem have improved after seeing you. I feel better about myself and how to handle situations at home and work. I couldn’t have gotten to this point without you… and you were able to help me all while making me laugh throughout the journey. Your humor and insight made the scary task of working on myself… fun and invaluable!"
"My life is transformed – I can hardly believe how different it feels. You’re so good at picking up on underlying core beliefs that cloud everything and block the way forward. I feel free of things I’ve been carrying around for years. I came to you because a friend told me that Life coaching can cause ‘ah-ha moments’ but it wasn’t until I experienced it for myself that I realised how powerfully transformative this work can be".


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