Wearing a mask is NOT the best way to lose weight.

Without a doubt fat loss can be one of the hardest, most frustrating challenges that we undertake. It’s like a constant game of tug-of-war. On one end we have an idealized version of what we would love to look like, and we are all in. And then on the other end we stumble upon a fresh baked batch of chocolate chip cookies and go, “Oh my god I know I said I wanted to be supermodel hot and ready to frolic on the beaches in Ibiza with Paris Hilton and make her look like she’s my fat friend and not the other way around but for the love of sweet baby Jesus and all things holy, have you ever even HAD a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie?” If you find yourself struggling to shed some unwanted pounds and wondering why it’s not happening, let me help you with the top 3 reasons I have found that keep people from succeeding. 

1. Eating Too Much

I know this seems ridiculously obvious and when I say this to people in person it’s almost always met with an eye roll and then a breakdown of why that’s not the case. But the truth of the matter is our portions have gotten out of control and we have a tendency to drastically underestimate the amount of calories we consume. So, even if you are eating something healthy, it’s still easy to overindulge and blow past your caloric requirements. 

2. Not Training Hard Enough

I say this all the time with my clients, but it’s the truth, “No challenge, no change.” If you can get on the elliptical for an hour and watch your favorite TV show, catch up on all the latest celebrity gossip in that weekly tabloid you grabbed, text, Facebook, Scruff, Grindr and Twitter, you’re really just wasting an hour of your life as well as not doing any of those tasks very well. The same goes for strength training, if your backpack is heavier than the weights you are using at the gym, you’re doing it wrong!

3. Too Many Liquid Calories

There’s a real possibility that you are getting too many calories from drinking too much. And I don’t necessarily mean from all those glasses of red wine you have because you read somewhere it’s healthy. No, I’m talking about all the calories we get from juices, sodas, alcohol, smoothies, etc. It’s oftentimes easy to overlook, but it does all add up!

So, while you are waiting on Paris to call and invite you on her next trip to Ibiza, pay attention to how much you’re eating and drinking and whether or not your workouts are actually challenging you enough to change you. And I’m not saying to never have a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie again, just know that if your goal is to lose weight, there are going to have to be some times when you are going to need to say no. In the fat loss game of tug-of-war, cookies might need to be a casualty.  

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