There’s a wildly popular misconception being perpetuated that in order to incorporate physical activity into your life you have to spend your days in the gym and your paychecks on high-end spandex. Both of those assumptions are patently false. Unless you’re Paris Hilton, you probably live in the real world where finding time to go to the bathroom while not simultaneously answering an email could be considered a small victory and an old pair of sweats from an ex is the only workout attire you own. Fear not, I’m going to show you how you can put together a simple, effective, in-home circuit training workout you can do in under 30 minutes, and you can wear whatever you want. We will keep it simple by choosing only five bodyweight exercises. There are a few advantages to structuring it this way, it’s not overwhelming for someone who might be just starting out, yet it can still be very challenging to those with more experience. Also, by sticking with just bodyweight, there is no equipment to buy, and you can do your workout anywhere.

1.) Pick Your Poison

Let’s use the following; jumping jacks, pushups, running in place, situps, and squats. If you are unfamiliar with some of these moves, or would just like a little tutorial on the best way to perform them, YouTube can be a really great resource for not only learning how to do an exercise but for additional ideas as well. 

2.) Decide How You’re Gonna Roll

For today we will do a total of 4 rounds. We will do each exercise for 45 seconds with 15 seconds of rest before moving to the next exercise. After each round, take 1:30 off before starting the next round. Remember, you can always adjust the time to either increase or decrease the intensity. 

3.) Find Your Space

Decide where you’re going to do your workout and make sure you’re not going to bump into anything or be within arms reach of donuts or french fries. I know I said you wouldn’t really need to have any special equipment but I would recommend at least a yoga mat and a bottle of water. 

4.) Warm Your Stuff Up

Before you begin, do a little warm-up, about 8-10 easy reps of each of the moves you’ll be doing. That gives you a chance to make sure none of the moves will cause you pain and it also helps to establish a neuromuscular connection. (A fancy way of saying getting your brain and body to communicate with each other.) 

5. Bust A Move

The only thing left to do now is to put on some music that fires you up and get to it!

Now that you know how to put together an effective, in-home workout that is both quick and free, you can no longer use “time” and “money” as an excuse to avoid working out! And, with all your newfound free time and extra money, maybe you’ll feel  like you’re Paris!

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